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Now we got the first track from Christmas EP that is eventually revealed! GREAT GREAT!
Mp3 leaked directly from FuckYourDaddy studio during last night recording session!

Here it is - The Seucannes - "Is This What You Call Romance?" (beware - Soulseek is HOT AS HELL at the moment)

Yikes Dirty (vocals & guitar @ The Seucannes)
Commentaries from Yikes & Co. on situation (via "Luxembourg Indievision" magazine)

- FUCK A DUCK!! We were having an usual rehearsal, then came out for a 5 minute break to have some umm.. mental up-lift you know (i think Yikes definitely means marijuana, oh my)

And we were caught by these faggots - COPS! They're always fucking around our studio, but now they did pretty fast, squeaky swines!!.. Seems like Timmy's clumsy walk looked suspicious.. On our return (when the problems were settled) we saw some guy messing with our demo tapes - it was a goddamn burglar! So that is what actually happened - i guess now he's doing great money with this insider track.. Hey idiot! We will kill you soon!!

But of course "Is This What You Call Romance?" is not an official single - we prepared some hot puffy-muffy-stuffy specials for you, friends and we gonna show down on December, 9th - so stay in touch!

- Yikes, dear, some words about the song please.

- Oh yeah.. For quite a long I wanted to make some blues - emotional vocals, some overdriven guitars you know - a little bit of real love tragedy.. It is a very private song about me and my childhood love Martha. Hey Martha you're such a slut I wish I could kill you!!!!
Well, Martha flew away when we were about to arrange our marriage. Some say they saw her in Moscow.. Don't really know if it is true.. By the way, where this "Moscow" is located?..

- I heard it is the capital of the Soviet Union. Well now. Because of this sour experience you named your debut album "Your Only Pleasure Is Your Happy Marriage", didn't you?

- Yes. But. Fuck. Stop rushing into my private life already!!!!! OR I will kill you!!! OR I will kill Timmy - doesn't matter - he freaks me out as much as you argh

Timmy W (bass @ The Seucannes)
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